Purity Ring Brought Their Stunning Set to Showbox [Photos]

October 20, 2016 Comments Off on Purity Ring Brought Their Stunning Set to Showbox [Photos]

Photos by Eric Tra

Purity Ring lit up the Showbox this past Monday in Seattle. Opener, HANA, began the show with a fantastic performance, complete with booming, electronic drum tracks, ethereal pop hooks and fiery dance moves. For those who have never seen Purity Ring perform live, the band’s set showcases an impressive lighting rig that fills the entire stage and flashes to the beat of every song. For such an impressive live show, many new listeners might find it interesting to see that the band is only comprised of two band members, Megan James (vocals) and Corin Roddick (instrumentals).

Purity Ring took the stage in a dazzling display of smoke and lights, beginning their set with songs like “Obedear” and “Crawlersout” from their first record, Shrines. As the set carried on, they also featured an assortment of songs from their 2015 album Another Eternity, which showcased a more vibrant and energetic side to the band’s musical repertoire. In particular, songs like “Flood on the Floor” were steeped in fast electronic beats and twinkling chimes that created a haunting contrast to the song’s dark undertones.

Purity Ring

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