Public Access TV Share Light-Hearted Video for ‘Evil Disco’ [Video]

Public Access TV’s new track, “Evil Disco,” is an accessible, no-frills nineties ride. It’s so straight ahead, in fact, that one might not think too much of the song’s video, which, shot on a cheap VHS, fits the simplistic do-it-yourself aesthetic most befitting indie rock acts — not to mention the band name itself.

However, the video’s plot is endearing: a bunch of kids gather in an empty parking lot, perhaps outside of a stadium to tailgate before a show, perhaps outside of their former high school, to drink, smoke, hang out, and most importantly, rock out to music. We’ve seen these kinds of videos before, but it’s on this simple premise that the video and the song find its charm. Diegetic sound bites interspersed on top of the song (and sometimes fighting the singer’s vocals themselves), declare they used to have mullets, that they bought “Evil Disco” shirts from scalpers, and that the drummer is the cutest band member. The visuals extend beyond the inevitable garage playing, solo cups, and classic (or ancient) cars; there are also shots of hairy female armpits, Kiss belt buckles, and Harley Davidson ass patches. Clearly this is a chance for Public Access TV to feature their crew in a video and have fun all the way, but the music keeps things away from the outrageous or grimy, and instead light-hearted and unflinchingly authentic.