Public Access T.V’s Tour Playlist

Public Access T.V. has been on quit a ride. It’s no wonder, with the kind of guitar rock that’s gritty and riotously fun, the band has made quite a name for themselves in their short lifespan. Public Access T.V. have been touring around the country – with a sure to be incredible Music Hall of Williamsburg show on 10/27, so it seemed only natural to ask them the band to make a playlist of their favorite songs to listen to on tour. Check out the seriously jamming playlist below and be sure to check out the band when they’re in town next week. It’s going to be a sweaty, great time.


Songs Public Access T.V. Listens to On Tour | Listen for free at

Garden – Hinds

The riff in this song is so catchy. We are tour with them now and it’s probably my favorite to watch live.

Whatever Gets You Thru the Night – John Lennon

This is just one song off of Walls and Bridges that I’m obsessed with. This whole record is so, so good. We listen to it so much in the van. The instrumentation and production is amazing.

Ride Into the Sun (Demo) – The Velvet Underground

I somehow slept on the song and never really knew about it. It’s on the Fully Loaded edition of Loaded. I’ve been listening on repeat in my headphones – it’s so pretty and the changes are so weird. It’s a new all time favorite.

Surfing on a Rocket – Air

I’ve been listening to this band again recently. This track is great. I used to get stoned with my friends when I was a teenager and drive around listening to this record so load.

False Alphabet City – Eleanor Friedberger

I think everything she does is so cool and her lyrics are always great. This song she just put out and it’s super groovy.

Your’e so Fine – The Falcons

A great lost gem from the early 50s. We all love the rugged doo-wop quality of this song. Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about them.

Japanese Boy – Aneka

A relentlessly catchy song sung by a Scottish folk singer turned pop star. This might not work in today’s p.c atmosphere due to the fake Japanese accent, but thank good for the 80s.

Chi-Ching – Chairlift

This song is rad and was stuck in my head after the first time I heard it. They always keep it interesting and go the extra mile.

Keep Me Coming – Jesse Ed Davis

Jesse Ed Davis was one of the top session guitarists of the late 60s and early 70s. He played live or on record with everyone from Conway Twitty and Willie Nelson to The Faces and John Lennon. This song is the title track off the last of three solo albums, all of which are massively under-appreciated.

Judy (Don’t Go) – Dirty Fences

One of the best rock n roll bands playing in New York City today. The video is worth checking out too.

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