Pointblank: New York-based foursome Public Access T.V.’s new single “Metropolis” resonates cool vibes. “Metropolis” is a mesh of alternative pop-rock heavy in homage to the 70s garage rock era. It’s a refreshing listen, polished with foot-tapping drums and warm, swooning melodies interlaced with the hard-edged, blithe vocals of frontman John Eatherly. And while Eatherly’s overall demeanor hints at undertones of boredom and rebellion, what might distinguish “Metropolis” on another level are the rugged guitar riffs that only thicken and better as the track progresses. They’re sharp, sexy, and hint at undertones of mischief and apathy, topped off with lyricism that just furthers their nonchalance. Lyrics like,  “I don’t wanna live in California / I’d take New York any day” show Public Access T.V.’s clear attitudinal rejection of the mainstream, alongside establishing the group as a bunch of punks straying from the norm.

The music video is conceptually simple; in essence, it’s the boys playing “Metropolis” on-set and further exposing the free spirit, offhand manner heavy in the track by itself. The band’s EP Public Access is due May 12th on Terrible Records.

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