Prince Rama Made Us an Apres Ski Playlist to Celebrate ‘Xtreme Now’

One thing’s for sure, Prince Rama know how to have a good time. With their wild outfits, 80s craziness and even more insane shows, the band is as close to a party god as one can be without being Andrew WK (actual party god). So, when they said they that they would make a playlist for us, we jumped at the opportunity. It’s not every day you get a party playlist tailor made from some of the most extremely awesome sisters in the whole of BK.

To celebrate the March 4 release of their Xtreme sports-themed album Xtreme Now and their sure to be incredible Baby’s All Right release show on the same day, the sisters made us a playlist for the best kind of sports partying, aprés ski. Of the playlist, Prince Rama says:

Apres-ski is a term that originated in the French Alps to describe the party scene surrounding ski resorts. ‘Apres-ski’ literally translates as ‘after-skiing’ and can be viewed as the ‘afterparty’ at the lodge after a long hard day of shreddin’ the gnar at the slopes. Lots of drinking and dancing and general shitshow lawlessness goes down inside the dark wood-paneled walls, and a whole wave of ‘apres-ski’ music evolved to provide the score that combined traditional alpine mountain folk music with brash techno beats. The result is pretty terrible. We decided to create our own debaucherous playlist of ‘apres-ski’ music that still retains a high dosage of pure euro-trash cut with italo disco, scandinavian disco, Viking disco, German neo-folk, and other winter-themed surprises.


  1. Happy Station – Fun Fun
  2. Don Quichotte – Magazine 60
  3. Gimmie!Gimmie!Gimmie! (A Man After Midnight) – ABBA
  4. Hands Up – Ottawan
  5. Never Ending Story – Limahi
  6. It’s a Cold World – Frankie Knuckles
  7. Viking Music (Disco Mix) – Aksel Frieberg
  8. The Safety Dance (Club Mix) – Men Without Hats
  9. Aprés Ski – Die Stritzis
  10. Informer – Snow
  11. Crystal – New Order
  12. Break the Black Ice – Death In June
  13. 50 Words for Snow – Kate Bush
  14. The Winter Hymn – Pantha Du Prince
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