Portugal. The Man ‘Feel It Still’ Is a Familiar Nightmare [Video]

Portugal. The Man’s latest single, a dark, groovy number entitled “Feel It Still” is a call for justice. The accompanying music video is bizarre, but perfectly enhances the track’s brassy sound and powerful lyrics. Clad in all white, Portugal. The Man’s frontman, John Gourley stumbles his way to a haunting lot of abandoned cars. With scene after scene of post-apocalyptic chaos, “Feel It Still” portrays our current reality as a cross between a nightmare and a dream. 

Recently, the band also released an interactive version of the music video that presents the audience with various tools for resistance. These tools, which redirect to the homepages of various civil rights organizations and petitions, urge us to put an end to indifference. As the music fades out, the video reverberates with the sound of protesters chanting, “fight back!” The message is clear, take action and prove that even in this frightening day and age you feel it still. Join Portugal. The Man on their spring tour now, take a stand, and see how you can make a difference. 

  • Renee Frost

    You do realize that the idea of democracy in this country is a sham right? Left right Demo or Rep they all play for the same team and could care less about the american people.

  • Kathy Holmes

    Right on!

  • Rod Mesa

    Preach it.

  • David38119

    Just read some quotes from the song writer about this song. Sounds like he was for Bernie, so he didn’t vote in the last election. People think signing petitions and yelling opinions is enough to take action, but most of that is a slacktivist feedback loop of self-indulgent self-aggrandization. You have to vote! Even if you resent our country’s two-party system. Even if it means voting for the lesser of two evils. Voting is a direct action for change. And not just for the president. Vote for your state elected officials; a lot of the wrong things you see are done at the state level. Vote for your judges, your school board; it all matters!

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