Pool Holograph Bring Folk Writing Lo-Fi Guitar Rock [Premiere]

With the first track, Pool Holograph draws you in. Starting with sweet contemplation that meanders slowly to a jangling lo-fi indie rock explosion, “Victoria” demands that you take notice. The Chicago band’s second EP Town Quarry maintains the same level through its five tracks – each one capturing a different facet of the indie aesthetic. It’s not just the perfect lo-fi rock construction of these tracks that makes them stand out, it’s the quality of songwriting on display. Each of the tracks tell a true story, sounding more and more like folk songs with each repeat listen. Of the EP the band says:

The Town Quarry songs were written during a few cold months in 2015. We were incorporating a kind of celestial and dreamlike imagery into a fictional town’s urban legend mythology. The writing process was heavily influenced by playing the works in progress live, so they had a natural magnetism to one another.

The tracks are truly celestial, while still maintaining the grounded quality that’s inherent in classic indie rock. It’s an EP that’s not to be missed.

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