PLGRMS Conjure Sparkling Fever ‘Dream’ [Stream]

Sydney-based electropop duo, PLGRMS, kick off their latest track with chanting vocals and a ghoulish invocation. “I prefer the enigmatic,” Jacob Pearson pines over organ backings and a shimmering piano line. “So I dreamed you up.”

From that manifesto, PLGRMS conjure a fever dream flush with alt rock and synth pop elements, presented over a tribal stomp. Jonathan Bowden’s production simmers throughout, only letting up for Jacob Pearson’s soaring vocal and a jazzy piano interlude. Adorned with eerie backing vocals and impeccable pop moments, “Dream You Up” is a sparkling ode to the lingering magic between two people and the unknown. The track hints at an enchanting future for this Aussie pop outfit, and we can’t wait to hear what they concoct next.

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