PigPen Theatre Co. Release Arresting New Visual for ‘All’s Well (With José)’ [Premiere]

Though PigPen Theatre Co. consists of 7 multi-instrumentalists, the delicate, understated sounds on their track “All’s Well (With José)” feel much more intimate. This sense of isolated, personal introspection is rooted in truth, however — pieces of their new album, Whole Sun, were written as they travelled the country as a theatre company, reflecting on loved ones back home and the solitude that can come from a nomadic lifestyle. Several songs were also written after the sudden passing of member Ryan Melia’s father, a longtime supporter of the project, leaving the group to reconsider why they were writing and who they were writing for. The end result is a collection of deeply emotive tracks like this one — gentle guitars and piano, beautiful harmonies and relatable storytelling.

The visual for the track is an absolutely gorgeous, spacious exploration memory, loss and acceptance. Filled with beautiful landscapes, and themes that easily tug on your heartstrings, the story is one you’ll want to watch from start to finish. Enjoy above, and learn more about the video from band member Arya Shahi below:

“When we set out to make this video we wanted to tell a story on film using some of the tricks of our “theatrical” trade (read: puppets). We wanted to create something that was relatable, about an experience that is inevitable, but also had an element of fable to it. Brandon Roots, who directed our animated short “Bremen”, and Felix Thompson, who directed the feature-length live-action “King Jack”, came to the table and we all focused in on José. Their technical prowess proved instrumental (as did our willingness to wear green spandex suits and trust them with embarrassing footage) in making something complex appear simple. In the end, all was well. Hope you enjoy.”

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