Philco Fiction Lays It Out With ‘Runimals’ [Stream]

Ahead of their debut album Talk/Brag, out later this month, Norwegian pop duo Philco Fiction have released their latest single “Runimals”. Highlighting the eclectic nature that sets them apart from the indie pack, “Runimals” is a vibrant track that shifts effortlessly between genres, from a march to world beats to gospel to rock. Propelled in the background by energetic horn and synth lines, vocalist Turid Alida’s glossy lyrics promise “no more fallen nights.” The song is constantly changing, packing what seems like musical infinity into its barely-four-minute runtime, its structure evolving around the creative and anthemic beats the band created. “Runimals” is inspirational and danceable, and makes you want to, well, go running, and find something new and cool. We can’t wait to hear the rest of Philco Fiction’s new material!

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