Phantogram Electrify in ‘You Don’t Get Me High Anymore’ [Video]

Fetish gear in a music video can go one of two ways: it can fail miserably, leaving the music video looking like a poor attempt at revitalizing the 80’s goth scene, or, if used properly, it can effectively tap into our inherent sexuality, leaving everything feeling somehow more on edge.

Luckily for Phantogram in their new video for “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore,” their representation of fetishism falls into the second category–the metal grommets and latex acting as a visual representation of the screeching guitar tones and fuzzed-out vocals present in the song itself. Story-wise, the video is a wild ride, with production that would be expected from a big name like Phantogram. There’s a mysterious and sinister experimental lab, mud flying in the air from the rear wheel of a dirtbike, and destruction of a long-abandoned house; almost everything needed to put a chill down the spine of the viewer/listener. The song itself is both poppy and electrifying, perfect for a night out where you want to get into a little trouble. If it’s any indication of what their upcoming album, Three, will sound like, we should all be very excited.

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