Pema Debuts Impressive First Track ‘My Intentions Are Good’ [Premiere]

Though Alex Cohen’s other project, Austin quartet Alex Napping, thrives on lo-fi production and rock sensibilities, Pema is a polished, bold statement that trades in heavy guitar strums for punchy synths. The resulting pop gem, “My Intentions Are Good”, is the first single from her debut album, Doublethink. Layered with evolving synth tones and catchy, triumphant horn sounds from Roy Thomas, the song winds through a series of absorbing transitions and perfectly catchy melodies.

Though Cohen sourced the work of 6 producers (including herself) for this project, the album, like “My Intentions Are Good”, is consistently rooted in her delicately soaring vocals. From an instrumental and lyrical perspective, though, the songs offer an array of themes and production, making for a compelling listen that catalogues the uncertainty of human behavior — specifically the differences between thought and action. Listen and enjoy above, and be sure to pre-order Doublethink, out June 3 via Wishy Washy Records.

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