Parquet Courts Release ‘Berlin Got Blurry’ Video, We Get More Excited for New Album

The last Parquet Courts album Monastic Living was pretty much an unlistenable troll of a record. If anything ever cemented their status as gleefully joking punks, releasing a noise record as their first Rough Trade release was it — but now they’re back to being their prolific lo-fi selves. The second single off their newest album Human Performance, “Berlin Got Blurry”, is easily one of the catchiest songs in their stable, but that doesn’t mean it loses any of the band’s signature rolling nihilism. The video follows lead singer/songwriter Andrew Savage as he travels around Berlin and tries to do things like eat, make a call and do laundry. It’s quintessential Parquet Courts, and we absolutely love it. Human Performance is out April 8 on Rough Trade and promises to be an album you can actually listen to.

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