Paperwhite Gets Emotional With ‘On My Own’ [Stream]

NYC brother-sister duo Paperwhite have returned with a brand new track, “On My Own”. Sporting the same sunny, polished electro-pop flair as 2014’s Magic EP, “On My Own” is an instant add to any indie-pop fan’s rotation. With a driving beat and echoing, chopped vocal samples to give its melody a unique, electronic mood, the tune won’t quite sound like anything you’ve heard recently. The tempo is hard to decipher in the beginning, but as soon as lead singer Katie Marshall’s candy-coated voice drops in, you’re immediately grounded in the song’s expansive world of synths. “Help me out, I’m on my own,” she sings, but it doesn’t seem like Paperwhite needs any help making some of the most simply danceable tracks we’ve heard lately.

Enjoy the track above, and be sure to catch them May 28 at Mercury Lounge — grab your tickets here!

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