OxenFree Deliver Confusing and Fun New Video for ‘Captain’ [Premiere]

The new video from Brooklyn’s OxenFree is 4 parts amusing, 1 part unsettling and 2 parts confusing (in a good way). As the main character drifts off to sleep after feeding his goldfish, we enter into the fish’s lovelorn fantasies wherein the two are very happily dating. Adorable coupling ensues, and we’re left feeling enchanted (albeit still a little creeped out) for the happy duo. The backing track for the video, “Captain”, is equally whimsical and fun, as buoyant harmonies and upbeat piano and guitar float below the slightly gritty vocals of Jeff Doyle.

“Captain” is taken from OxenFree’s upcoming album, Beacons, scheduled for release in May. Be sure to check back for more on these guys, and in the meantime, get acquainted with their 2014 first EP, FireIf We’re Anything, and check out more about the song and video below!

“Captain is a song about a desperate evening out in the East Village in New York. It plays on the fact that any bar in the city likely houses within it people desperately seeking answers alongside people who are just desperately bored (and are definitely going to leave before the former fixes him or herself) — how one’s quest to find meaning is another’s meaningless trip to a bar.

In parallel, the video reflects a desperate evening “in” as fantasized by your average household goldfish. In her world, one man’s fish feeding is another woman’s hopeless love fantasy, replete with love, lust and wild fish orgies.

The video was directed by Emilie Soffe. Emilie is a Brooklyn-based director and performer with a focus on experimental and devised work.”

  • Jeremy Kirons

    This is so fuckin rad.

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