Overcoats Share Single ‘Hold Me Close’ and Announce Album Release [Stream]

Overcoats have been busy working on their debut album, and we’re excited to say that they’ve announced the release! Mark your calendars for YOUNG, a twelve song collection co-written by Hana and JJ and produced by Nicolas Vernhes and Autre Ne Veut, out April 21. And while we have to wait a few more months until we can hear the entire album, the duo has thankfully shared a teaser of what’s to come with their lead single “Hold Me Close.”

“Hold Me Close” is another introspective gem that melds the duo’s expert storytelling with a strong yet subdued production. In an interview with Wonderland Magazine, the girls explain that the song is about “finding solace in the present” and “the loneliness and disillusionment that we can feel in relationships, and how we must persevere anyway in hopes of finding the beauty in love.” But Overcoats don’t create songs to tell us how to think, what to feel, or who we should be. Take “Nighttime Hunger” for example — the song is driven by “darkness,” but in the end turns out to be a piece that confronts the relationship you have with yourself. And in “Hold Me Close,” the same can be said — the lyrics seemingly depict another, “He’s a man of armor/Don’t blink, no need to please; But he still looks to me/To cuff his sleeve,” but actually reveal our tendency to perceive ourselves in terms of someone else. And yes, comparison can be debilitating, but in some cases such as this, it causes us to dig deep and see if we’re where we want to be — and that’s not always such a bad thing. By crafting a story that places something or someone else at the center, Overcoats give us the tools to figure it out on our own. And that makes it all the more powerful.

  • Chisel One

    The auto-tune on “Hold Me Close” makes me want to put a pencil through my ears.

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