Overcoats Explore Haunting Duality on ‘Kai’s Song’ [Stream]

April 18, 2017 Comments Off on Overcoats Explore Haunting Duality on ‘Kai’s Song’ [Stream]

“Kai’s Song,” the fourth single off Overcoat’s debut album, Young, is a slow and powerful ballad, opening with a jarringly deep drumbeat that pulses behind throaty vocals. The single voice on the few opening lines is soon joined by a second, the two coalescing to emulate Overcoats’ signature dualistic sound. The voices appear hauntingly and simultaneously throughout most of the song, doubling over each other with stunning precision. Sometimes they harmonize, but often their voices move together, providing delicate texture that lets the longing of the lyrics pack an even more powerful punch.

Staring at my face in the mirror, are you coming back to me?” queries the track’s chorus, repeating the question again and again. The lyrics, much like the ethereal sound of the song, simultaneously exude energy and weariness, yearning and uncertainty. It’s saturated with emotion, striking a chord somewhere deep in your soul.

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