Old Man Canyon Blend Pathos and Synths in ‘Hollow Tree’ [Premiere]

The dulcet, slightly dance-y tones of Old Man Canyon hit us almost immediately. With the voice and songwriting of an Americana artist, while still being steeped in the warming glow of the synths that we love,  their newest track “Hollow Tree” is high on the list of tracks we’re placing on repeat. It revels in the mix of hope and ease – creating a mood that’s perfectly resigned to whatever happens. Of the track singer/songwriter Jett Pace says:

“Sometimes the meaning of a song is unclear at first when it’s written and only reveals itself after playing it a lot. To me, one of the meanings is about acceptance and trust in yourself and what you’re doing in life. At the time I wrote it, I was doing a lot of touring, so the other part of it is about remaining connected and centered to your vision when every moment is filled with chaos.”

Check out the track above and be sure to catch the band on tour with Paper Kites.

  • Dhan Corpuz


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