A couple weeks back I was able to catch We Are Trees at Pianos in Manhattan.  The surprise of the evening, however, was Boston-based indie pop band Old Abram Brown.  Their style is super accessible; think Young The Giant meets Jukebox The Ghost.

The band was up in New Hampshire recently where they hauled their equipment into the local library and recorded this live version of their song “The Good Man’s Way” off of their sophomore album Restless Ghosts.  Watch the video below, and if you dig, download the album here for free!

As written by the band, “Once a thriving source of knowledge for the citizens of Southern New Hampshire, The Hunt Memorial Library has since foregone its central role and become a respected relic in the heart of downtown Nashua, New Hampshire, a place from which tradition and prestige still emanate. As such, it provides a fitting backdrop for the music of Old Abram Brown, a band whose first two albums (Alive in Winter and Restless Ghosts, respectively) delve deeply into themes of nostalgia and historical identity. In this series of live videos, the indie rock quartet performs the entirety of their latest album, simultaneously communicating with and feeding off the hometown that provides the backbone of their music.”

  • I think indie pop was criticized for its tweeness and underachievement, but many now argue that C86 and the birth of the genre was a pivotal moment for independent music in the UK

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