Oh Wonder Gave Fans a Night to Remember at Bowery [Photos]

Photos by Tim Toda

Though only a few months have passed since their first live show in New York, Oh Wonder played to a sold out crowd at Bowery Ballroom last week. Even before the door opened, the lobby was full of animated and excited fans, eager to grab the closest spot to the stage. Some were even debating whether or not to stand in the back to get a good photo op. Either way, the show was a night to remember.

Despite only being a duo, they had no problem with stage presence. Backed up by a touring bassist and drummer, their minimalistic songs sounded bombastic and powerful. The bass and drum added an element of punchiness without overpowering Josephine and Anthony’s voices. Singer Josephine made comments between songs explaining the stories behind some of their favorite songs. “This next one is the first song we ever made together,” right before continuing to play “Body Gold”. Without any pauses or slowing down, the crowd never stopped dancing or singing along.

It was the perfect way to end January, especially as the duo announced their plans to stay in New York City to write their next album in April.

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