Oddnesse Shares Brilliantly Off-Kilter ‘Incoming Call’ [Stream]

The silver lining of the new deconstructed music model is that artists can directly release singles, creating a narrative progression for their songs rather than dropping an entire album at once. Oddnesse has seized upon this approach, releasing the reserved, dizzying “Incoming Call,” their second single of a scheduled four, following the shuffling rocker “Somewhere Somehow.” The lyrics “I need to put you on hold / I’m getting a call” are nearly a forced rhyme, making “call” seem like “cold,” which is closer to how the song feels, a feverish dream of doubled vocals and odd syllable emphasizing, adding to the off-kilter rhythm of the track. Oddnesse’s balming vocals soothe over her backing band, who remain in the background while the meds work their pain-relieving magic. Look out for remaining singles “Swim to the Shore” and “Scream” later this year.

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