Ninajirachi Offers Up a Luscious Confection with ‘Pure Luck’ [Stream]

Seventeen-year-old producer Ninajirachi (born Nina Wilson) has a little more than pure luck on her side — namely, an ear for infectious sounds that bounce lightheartedly along in her blissed-out tracks. Earlier this month, she released “Pure Luck,” a luscious confection that is at once carefully layered and spontaneously airy. Playful xylophone trills dominate against a minimalist background of fuzzy, throbbing bass, all behind dreamy vocals by Freya Staer, another Australian artist who has been friends with Ninajirachi since they were both ten years old.

Between rhythmically altered, cut-off, and overlapping syllables, Staer’s silky voice sings of various ruminations on a relationship tinted with misunderstanding but ultimately characterized by longing: “I’ll be here when it gets too much/Lie in bed and our fingers touch/It’s just something meant for us/The rest can guess but it’s all pure luck.”

Back in 2016, Ninajirachi was a finalist in Unearthed High, a competition run by Australian radio station Triple J that sought to dig up yet-undiscovered high school-aged musicians and bring their work into the public eye. The young musician’s cool-girl aesthetic and knack for sounds that you’d happily have stuck in your head make her an artist to watch — and listen to — in the coming years. For now, though, we’ll have to settle for this irresistible first track (along with “Glass,” a lyric-less collab with Sequel that was released last year).

Enjoy Ninajirachi’s bubbly sounds here.

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