Niki and the Dove Deliver Pop Track of the Season with ‘So Much It Hurts’ [Video]

Niki & the Dove were part of the wave of Swedish pop stars taking over the scene a few years ago, and now they are back in full force. Their new track “So Much it Hurts” is the pop song of the season as far as I’m concerned — with a supremely funky bass line, some great harmonies and a build that’s almost too good, if you’re not sliding across your kitchen in your socks by the end, there’s something wrong with you. 

Off their upcoming album, Everybody’s Heart is Broken Now, out April 8, the track is disco revival at its best. Malin Dahlström is a groovy, blissed out queen, and her soulful vocal tops off the music with the power and pain of a lover left behind. I like to think of Dahlström as a Scandinavian Diana Ross on this track, and if it sets any precedence for the rest of the album, April is sure to be the funkiest month of 2016 yet.

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