New Madrid Shows Athens Is Still A Phenomenal Music Town With ‘Don’t Hold Me Now’ [Stream]

New Madrid- Don’t Hold Me Now

Athens, Georgia has quite the pedigree when it comes to great sounds. From Phosphorescent to to R.E.M, the city has been churning out legendary music for decades. We might just have another name to add to that ever growing list with New Madrid and their stellar new track “Don’t Hold Me Now”. A frantic drum beat propels the track forward throughout it’s unrelenting 3 minutes, giving way to washed-out vocals that float indecipherably atop. Speaking to Stereogum, Phill McGill describes the song as being about “that sensation when someone or something pulls you from a dream at what can feel like the worst or the best time. Your last moment of the dream before being woken up.” — If this track is anything to go by, then the dreamer was having one hell of a time.

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