As is the case with any project involving Jim James, The Waterfall, My Morning Jacket’s newest contribution, is spinning on repeat here at The Wild Honey Pie office. James’ signature exalting vocals are supported by swirling guitars, often peppered by meandering piano melodies and mellowed-out synth riffs. The rhythmic prowess of MMJ is what has allowed them to sustain their reputation as one of America’s greatest touring bands, and it’s on full display throughout the record.

The Waterfall guides you through a beautiful journey of highs and lows, tied together with a common thread of slide guitar that takes on many forms. It hits an exterrestrial groove on the third track “Like a River” and moves towards a country feel in “Get the Point”. These variant movements within the album have come to define the MMJ experience — to the point where being thrown down the rabbit hole in a track like “In its Infancy” comes as no surprise. They even take on the persona of an epic rock preacher in “Among the Living”.

The crown jewel of this beautiful record is the single “Big Decisions”. Do yourself a favor, and take a listen. You’ll drop it on repeat, I’m sure of it.

  • Nice, I wasn’t even aware MMJ had a new album out. Circuital still stands out to me as a very unique and inspired album. I love the British feel of it all, and a slight psychedelic edge to it.

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