Mutual Benefit’s New Track Will Leave You in a Dream State [Stream]

If you’re not careful, “Lost Dreamers” might make you drift off into a new state of consciousness. The song really does feel like a dream, complete with whimsical harmonies, lofty orchestral strings, and serenading violin. “Lost Dreamers” is a romantic yearning for the road, yet it manages to avoid any cheesy summer road trip pinterest board vibes. It’s a song for running away and changing your name, and it almost feels like the listener is invited along for their journey, with Mutual Benefit urging us: “Let’s take the long way home / Let’s throw away our phone.” Mutual Benefit recalls the indie folk sensibility of artists like Sufjan Stevens and Sparklehorse, attaining a chill, but never boring vibe. Let this song whisk you off your feet and take you to a land faraway, only to return home four minutes and thirty-five seconds later.

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