Music that Inspired Sunflower Bean’s Human Ceremony [Stream]

Sunflower Bean, New York’s effortlessly charismatic psych rockers, are releasing their album, Human Ceremony, tomorrow, and we’re counting down the moments till their haze of catchy, dirty, jangly guitars and slightly saccharine vocals can be ours. To celebrate, we asked the band to share some songs that inspired the writing and production on the album, and they delivered one hell of a playlist. Enjoy below, pick up your copy of Human Ceremony tomorrow and catch them at Bowery Ballroom this month!


Fleetwood Mac – Dreams

The minimal instrumental production and the focus on the beautiful vocal melodies were a big inspiration for us.

Spacemen 3 – Take Me to the Other Side

This song is so badass. Spaceman 3’s drone rock and attitude has always been a big part of our sound.

The Rolling Stones – Jumping Jack Flash

What is there to say about Jumping Jack Flash’s main riff? It’s classic. It’s one of the first songs I ever heard.

The Byrds – Turn! Turn! Turn!

The Byrd’s jangling folk rock guitar sound is like my bible when it comes to guitar playing. The interplay between the guitar parts is super amazing.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – FFunny FFriends

This song is so genius. So simple in a lot of ways. The hook is just incredible. UMO was a big inspiration for Sunflower Bean and what inspired me to have the band only be a 3 piece.

DIIV – Bent (Roi’s Song)

This is my favorite song from DIIV, the band that I watched grow and succeed as a teenager. I saw them maybe 20 times in 2012. They have shaped me a lot and the music that I want to make. The guitar riffs are beautiful and the interplay between them is amazing.

Tame Impala – It’s Not Meant To Be

It’s redundant to say we like Tame Impala. They are in my opinion the best rock band of the past 15 years. Nothing is wasted with Kevin, and all the melodies from every instrument would be the best part of any song by anyone else. The vocal delays and effects are a huge inspiration for us.

The Velvet Underground – Candy Says

The 3rd VU album is a masterpiece. The subtle, charming, and melancholy pop songs are so understated and beautiful. They are like a little secret someone is whispering in your ear.

The Smiths – Some Girls are Bigger Than Others

Johnny Marr’s chiming guitars and fast-picked melodies are a big inspiration to the guitar playing on this record. His work on this song is incredible. I also love Morrisey’s rambling of seemingly nonsensical lyrics.

Connan Mockasin – It’s Choade My Dear

Connan’s twisted, surreal lyrics and the thick mood of mystery on his records are very impressive. His songs feel like diving underwater into a made up world at the bottom of an enchanted pond. His guitar tone is so amphibious and syrupy.

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