MUNA Riffs On Regret And Romance With ‘So Special’ [STREAM]

MUNA – So Special

MUNA, an all-girl trio out of Los Angeles, describe themselves simply as “dark pop,” but they sound like nothing you’ve ever heard and everything you’ve ever wanted. Wrapped up in glossy riffs and sealed with a bow of pitch-perfect production, “So Special”, MUNA’s first single since last summer’s More Perfect EP, introduces a polished new sound for the band without sacrificing any of the gorgeous ambiance and unique edge that make them, yes, so special.

“Guess I’m gonna tell one more lie / I’m surprised you don’t wanna stay by my side,” sings lead vocalist Katie in a miraculous chorus that will steadfastly refuse to fade from the head of anyone who hits play. Begging the question eternal — what now? — “So Special” is a clear-hearted gem of pop perfection, the rare track that could be twice as long and just as good. Sparkling synths and compressed snare hits surround the harmonies like a gilded frame, never overwhelming. A little bit Marina, a little bit Shura, but 100% entirely its own, “So Special” begs to be listened to again and again, picking up on a different tiny wonder each time.

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