Mr Little Jeans Returns with New EP, Fevers [Stream]

Norway’s Mr Little Jeans recently blessed us with a thrilling, unrelenting four-track EP, Fevers, the follow up to 2014’s LP Pocketknife. The EP’s self-titled track kicks off with restrained lounge vocals against spacious, percussive blasts. Her voice pushes toward the foreground by rising in intensity towards the chorus, which explodes into full pop polish, clarifying the gutsy percussion and adding an ominous brass line to accent the downbeat. Birkenes nods to Rihanna’s vocal riffing on “Umbrella,” reinforcing the song’s accessibility. The forceful chorus energizes the rest of the song, and even when everything drops off at the bridge, a fluttering synth line mirroring Birkenes’ cascading vocals is there to bring us back. That her shimmering voice can compete against the bombastic production only creates a more compelling listen.

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