Modern Merchant Play With Movement With ‘Bucolic’ Video [Premiere]

Modern Merchant write the kind of music that’s made for soundtracking. The vast soundscapes move and twist around, undulating and shifting constantly. Their absolutely lovely and mesmerizing track “Bucolic” illustrates their penchant for movement in the best way. The song combines sweet folk melodies and subtle guitars before exploding into a shoegaze wonder.

The video takes the sonic movement and makes it visual. It’s a beautiful kaleidoscope of weightless but still natural movement that captures the essence of the track perfectly. On creating the video, director Dave Ebel said:

“Bucolic’s sorcerous phantasmascape was crafted in a very small set. Medias such as sodium acetate and ferrofluid were photographed prior to choreography, allowing for model Abby Merrick’s human movement to correspond with the visual effects presents on screen. As the colors and shapes grow more diverse and complex, more and more is revealed of the inhuman form manipulating these energies. Underwater photography lent a realization of the vast weightless environment. This infinite void is introduced just as quickly as the crystallization returns us to darkness.”

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