Miya Folick Swims Deep In ‘Ocean’ [Stream]

Miya Folick – Ocean

Meditative and stirring, “Oceans” is the newest moving track from rising songwriter Miya Folick. The LA-based artist has been releasing a steady stream of gorgeous singles this year, and “Ocean” is no exception. Timeless and tenacious, the tune forgoes all the bells and whistles of so much contemporary pop production and lets her lilting vocals shine. Her prowess takes on new dimensions as she croons over stripped-down instrumentation, and the vivid imagery of her lyrics brings to mind Regina Spektor at her best. “I want to be oceans / I think I should let myself breathe,” Miya sings with entrancing vulnerability. The song stands wonderfully on its own, but when taken with the rest of Folick’s portfolio so far, it’s yet another demonstration of her rising potential.