Miya Folick Delivers Emotional Intensity with ‘I Got Drunk’ [Stream]

Miya Folick – I Got Drunk

Los Angeles’ Miya Folick is an artist you can’t help but fall in love with on first listen. Her instantly gratifying music is personal, turning relatable situations of heartbreak and uncertainty into gritty, blaring anthems for the worst of times. “I Got Drunk” really sinks in on it’s first line: “Guess I wrote you a love song/ Cause I got drunk and told you how I feel about you.” The passion of that moment and those feelings permeate the entire track, matched equally by a sense of panic and desperation tucked into the song’s vocal warbles and intricate structure. Folick’s slightly distorted voice gracefully charges forward against a buzzing bassline and softly whispered backing vocals. With each chord, the song builds in intensity to a frenzy of infatuation mirroring the progression of Folick’s own emotions. Folick is releasing a series of singles over the coming months that you’ll surely want to hear. Listen to her equally moving last single “Talking with Strangers” on Soundcloud and head to her Bandcamp for a free download of “I Got Drunk”.