Mitski Was A Force Of Nature At Palisades [Photos]

Mitski, the very talented badass rocker chick taking the indie scene by storm, played an incredible, sold out show at Palisades. Her headlining set followed moving performances from Normal People, Eskimeaux and Elvis Depressedly. During her time on stage, it was obvious that she wanted everyone to enjoy themselves — this despite the venue’s lack of A/C and countless beads of sweat forming on each person’s forehead. She handed out water bottles to the front row fans and said that if anyone feels unsafe, “talk to me and I’ll handle it.”

Mitski has a very natural presence on the stage — at one point during the show, she passionately shouted, “for the next 30-45 minutes, this is your space. Take up space!” Her lyrics are incredibly strong and deliberate, giving her the perfect method for delivering such a powerful message. For the entire set, fans sang along to songs off her three studio albums, including her latest Bury Me at Makeout Creek. It was a show powerful and inspiring in a very unique way.
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