Minke Debu Simmering, Titillating Track, ‘Gold Angel’ [Stream]

“Gold Angel,” the debut single from Minke, doesn’t burst out of the gate with a wall of guitars. Instead, the song titillates with a swelling four-minute build, a far harder task to accomplish. A muted guitar plays call and response while another keeps the beat. Meanwhile, light synthesizer plays wallflower in the background. Minke’s simmering vocals compel us into the song’s mysterious sparseness deepened by its curious cover image of a monochrome Mardi Gras performer. “I’ll be gold angel / If you want me,” Minke sings in the chorus, speaking of a standard impossible for any woman to live up to. “Baby you want me?” Minke asks, and if this quiet debut is any indicator, the answer is definitely in the affirmative.

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