‘Mindsight’ Is A Slow-Burning Gem From PROM [Stream]

NYC duo PROM have recently re-emerged onto the scene in the past few months, after the release of their debut EP Keeping Company back in 2014. The first single from this new era was the soaring “Not About Dying”, but now they’ve switched gears for the more expansive and sparse “Mindsight”. If you dig Phantogram’s quieter moments or Purity Ring’s electronic surreality, you’ll adore the skittering beats and spiraling harmonies of “Mindsight”. Singer Ella Zoller wonders, “Are there enough hands to hold me back?” with pitch-shifted voices adding to the song’s tone of arpeggiated mystique. Synth bands are a dime a dozen these days, but PROM is really doing something new and different with their recent material, and it’s a joy to hear.

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