Milo Greene Mixes Their Past and Future On ‘I Know About You’ [Stream]

Milo Greene’s second album Control was a radical departure from their folk-tinged self-titled debut, relying on synthesizers and drum machines more than tambourines and acoustic guitars. For their third release, the five-song EP Never Ender, the quartet has combined ideas from both albums, but mostly returned to their roots of their earliest sound. The moody, minimal “I Know About You” begins with a sterile, deserted synth atmosphere and an urgent bass-line that gives way to the band’s soft acoustic strumming and their vocal melodies, a true mix of their prior work.

While lyrics on Milo Greene were wistful, Control‘s were overtly venomous. “I Know About You” continues Control‘s tradition with lines like “You watch me burn in the fire / I should have known all along.” Still, Never Ender resists sameness, often reducing a song’s instrumentation in favor of the quartet’s soothing harmonizing, which has always been their main attraction.

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