Miami Horror emits the finest of groovy vibes in track “Love Like Mine”. It’s quite possible that this Australia-grown indietronica group targets their tunes specifically for drives through a warm city stretched along a shoreline – because that’s the exact sound, feel and image shaped. It’s a battle to not shoulder-dance to Miami Horror’s electronic beats, reminiscent of groovy disco-pop roots of the 70s and 80s. And with a dash of synthpop in electronic licks and a contagious hook, they deliver yet again with some of the catchiest rhythmic funk on the 2015 music scene. “Love Like Mine” is infectious in danceability – it might just make the perfect tune to kick off summer and bask in warmth.

The music video for “Love Like Mine” is absorbing. A single shot reigns for the entirety of four minutes with the video set in a time one could only assume is the 70s. Thick with pastel-tones and hot summer antics, the video buzzes with confusion and crime all being watched from the passenger seat of a car. All Possible Futures,  Miami Horror’s second studio album, is out now.

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