Maybird Take Flight with a Psychedelic New Gift ‘Turning Into Water’ [Stream]

Try not to fall into your half-full glass of wine while listening to this one. Maybird’s title-track kicks off with a rigid, gut-busting psych-march that turns into a loose and fluffy cotton-candy chorus with a bounce-house groove shortly thereafter. It’s a plush parade of psychotropic sound waves with guitars that rage like SkyDancers. If you’ve ever seen a geyser before — it’s kind of like that. Suggestion: Listen to this song, and envision a geyser. Maybe a hot spring? Recall the sweet, nectarous harmonies of Chris Chu in the day and age of The Morning Benders’ (Think Big Echo era, with Chris Taylor behind the curtain).

Maybird is in the studio now, in Nashville, working with an unrevealed producer on Things I Remember From Earth for the first time. Until next time, check out the self-produced Turning Into Water EP, and enjoy this gem above.


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