Kansas City based Mat Shoare’s newest track “In Good Time” meanders slowly, beginning with sweetly sad “ooos” sung over distinctly Ennio Morricone tinged instrumentation. By the time the lead vocals kick in, the noir feel is already well established. With lyrics like “I’ve just been sitting, wondering where all the time has gone,” it’s a wonder that this track hasn’t already been picked to soundtrack a dark hero’s nightly pensive walks.

The video capitalizes on the track’s incredibly cinematic feel, cutting quickly between vintage and current footage of a man wandering around his own town. Of the visual Shoare says: “This video was put together by Shae Mermis in Kansas City. We compiled some found footage that we thought fit the vibe for the song and also shot some cool footage of our own that mirrors the album artwork and also links up in a cool way with out found footage. The song is supposed to be kind of dreamy and foggy…so we went there with the video too.”

Check out the video above and be sure to check out his new release Right as Rain on May 5th.

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