Matt Corby Talked to Us About His New Record and Upcoming US Tour [Stream]

April 14, 2016 Comments Off on Matt Corby Talked to Us About His New Record and Upcoming US Tour [Stream]

Given how excited we are for Matt Corby’s upcoming US tour, we jumped at the chance to sit down with him to talk about his recent album, Telluric, and how he feels about traversing our country in May.

We started off by talking about what brought about the sounds and themes on Telluric, a soulful, dynamic exploration of self released last month. The writing took place in a “130-year-old log cabin” with a view that stretched across 20 kilometers of coastline. For a while, Corby and his collaborators wrote a song a day, inspired by the idyllic locale and using the isolation as an opportunity to create as much music as possible. In the end, Corby says that the songs seemed to be teaching him something about himself — that he was “just processing and making sense of” the music as a way to learn more.

Though he’s been making music for years, Telluric is actually his first full-length release, and the upcoming Telluric Tour is the largest he’s done in the US, having only performed a few shows on our soil over the last year. Despite being a “virgin when it comes to American touring,” he’s still playing some incredible venues throughout the country, including spaces like The Filmore in San Francisco and Terminal 5 in New York. In his mind, touring here “didn’t seem like a possibility” when he was first starting out, and given the distance, time and money it takes to make the trip, we don’t blame him. For that reason, this tour will bring a “new experience every day” — experiences he seems immensely excited for.

The reason for such huge growth in his touring is simple — Corby gives an earnest delivery his songs during a live performance, creating a deeper connection between him and his fans. When asked what he thought was the catalyst for that relationship, he wasn’t sure, but said that he wanted his shows to be “as communal as possible,” citing the universal themes present in his music and their propensity to bring people together — that we’re “all the same at our elements, just with different ideas.” Overall, Matt Corby simply feels lucky to connect with people and “potentially leave them feeling something outside the mundane.” When we spoke, he had just performed in Brussels, and was particularly moved by a crowed who simply “wanted to feel something” after going through so much collectively.

As far as what fans can expect from the Telluric Tour, even Corby doesn’t know. He explained that “nothing is ever pre-meditated” and that the “show will naturally evolve throughout the tour.” Frankly, that’s exactly what we like to hear. We’ll take genuine connection and organic growth over pre-meditated showmanship every time. You can grab your tickets to Matt Corby’s tour here!

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