MaryLeigh Roohan Perfects her Soulful Songwriting on ‘My Friends’ [Premiere]

With the kind of sweetly soulful voice that makes for the perfect Americana songstress, MaryLeigh Roohan seems at fist glance to be primed for saccharine folk. One listen to the brooding “My Friends,” however, will prove that this girl contains multitudes. With a dark twanging riff that anchors the track, Roohan’s voice is able to sweep in all it’s dramatic loveliness. She flows with the track, adding extra emotional punch with every chorus. Check out the track above and be sure to check out her EP out in September.

  • Jayson Ball

    The song is actually about getting sexually assulted. It’s also got an unconventional structure (the last chorus is different than the other two) and a huge payoff in the bridge that takes up a large chunk of the song.

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