Martin Courtney Softness Washing Anxiety Away on ‘Airport Bar’ [Stream]

Martin Courtney – Airport Bar

Martin Courtney’s  debut solo album Many Moons, or as I like to call it “The Album That Cured My Anxiety of Living in My Parent’s NJ Basement at 24” is a welcome addition to the Real Estate spin-off canon. Courtney, of course, is the lead vocalist and guitarist of everybody’s favorite garage turned folksy indie band. Many Moons, like the past two Real Estate albums and the new Ducktails album St. Catherine, is a relaxed and contemplative effort. 

The lead single “Airport Bar” is undeniably about Courtney’s new family – a first time dad on tour is want to write such a tune. But the track is not contrived, but very honest as he pleads “Don’t go forgetting about me,” you can’t help but feel a thing of homesick no matter where you are, even if its home in your parent’s basement. The sentiment is pure and relatable, and the tune is whispy and calming, and overall its a digestible listen in a familiar vein. Courtney admits that these tracks certainly would have worked as Real Estate songs, but the independence suits them just as well. While not so contrasting from the band, Courtney’s efforts here are distinct and honest enough to stand on their own.