Music is amazing in its capacity to bring back memories — listening to a melody or hearing certain lyrics can instantly recall a different place and time. Sometimes, even brand new artists or songs can feel so familiar that they provoke that connection — this was the experience I had with the timeless music from Austin Basham. I may not have specific memories with any of his songs, but his voice feels as though it’s been with me the whole time. His soothing tone and passionate lyrics perfectly blend with his unique mixture of instruments and folk melodies: “But, oh we just gotta hold on/Oh before I go/I’m gonna find a way to say/That I only needed you/Oh, before I’m gone/I’m gonna find a way to say that I love you.”

With songs like “Find a Way” and our other favorite, “Running”, it’s no surprise that Basham has been touted as one of the top up and coming folk artists right now — his old soul is breathing new life into the genre. His EP will be released May 4, but you can stream it above today!

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