Major Leagues Traffic in Major Garage Pop on ‘Someone Sometimes’ [Stream]

Major Leagues – Someone Sometime

Major Leagues have been a major name in Brisbane garage pop since they released a series of singles in 2012 and their debut EP, Weird Season, back in 2013. But, we haven’t heard too much from them since. Instantly lovable, their latest single “Someone Sometime” wades through unhurried guitar lines and sugarcoated harmonies that pick up right where they left off. Garage elements protrude from the web of mellow instrumentation, covering the sunny, yarning melody in just the right amount of fuzz. Tossing and turning in the too-familiar struggles of modern-day young love, the four-piece cover their anxiety in gentle, jangly pop with heaps of charm. “Someone Sometime” is out now on Popfrenzy.