MAJIK’s Brings Hushed and Heavy Feelings with ‘Closer’ [Stream]

London-based duo Jamie and Marcus come together to create deep electronic music with their band, MAJIK. With their latest drop, “Closer,” MAJIK crafts an expressive, soul-searching piece that’s bound to make you feel lonely and loved all at the same time. Blending poignant emotions of dependency, heartache and unconditional love with subdued electronic production, “Closer” is a piece that brings hushed and heavy feelings to the surface. What’s really great about this track is that it reveals that the same feeling (and many times, the same person) can make you strong and weak all at once — and that’s okay. In the band’s own words, “we create music that weaves heart-felt lyrics over atmospheric sounds and broken beats, giving flight to the deepest thoughts we discover through feeling.”  

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