Maggie Rogers Released New Visual for ‘Alaska’ [Video]

Maggie Rogers was “found” by Pharrell in a masterclass he taught at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute a mere five months ago, but Rogers has been making music since high school. The song Pharrell heard in that class was “Alaska”, which became a viral hit shortly after the class video was posted. But beyond Pharrell’s musical influence, it’s clear why “Alaska” went viral — Rogers’ storytelling is natural and humble, the tune is folky with electronic undertones, and the beat is infectious.

It’s also a piece that’s incredibly relatable if you’ve just closed the page on one chapter in your life and you’re on the brink of a new one. The music video brings this all into perspective, beginning with Rogers walking in an open field and ending with a party in the forest. Her outfit changes from a dark hoodie and light washed jeans to an all white ensemble, glimmering through the misty smoke. Parts of her old self and new self are intertwined, and the boundaries between past and present are blurred — an ambiguity that defines the space between who we are and what we once were. “Alaska” is one for all ages, capturing the in-betweens that become some of our most defining moments.

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