Mac Demarco Proved His Indie God Status at Webster Hall [Photos]

Photos by Makena Cummings

Mac DeMarco played an incredible show at Webster Hall earlier this week — night two of his four-night stint in the city to celebrate his new album Another One. I think it’s safe to say there’s nothing like a Mac DeMarco show. Mac has a cult-like following and as soon as he steps on the stage, fans go absolutely insane. This chill, normal-looking guy is celebrated like an indie rock god, and he seems to be moving in that direction, as he easily sold out all four shows.

He began the night with new and old favorites while fans danced along, intensely shaking the floor of the venue. As the night progressed, and the song tempos picked up, fans began crowd-surfing their way to the stage — one person to hand a cigarette to the performer, which he kindly put behind his ear. During “Together” Mac calmly crouched down, untied his shoes, and did a front-flip into the crowd to do some crowd-surfing himself. And finally, for the encore, the band did an epic cover of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” during which fans made their way onto the stage to kiss Mac on the cheek and take selfies with the band.

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