Lunch Ladies Serve Up Nostalgic Lo-Fi Vibes on ‘Pick Yourself Up’ [Stream]

New Jersey-based quartet Lunch Ladies have a knack for producing jangly guitar pop of the highest order. Their lead-off single, “Pick Yourself Up,” channels Yoko Ono’s haunting, post disco contributions to Double Fantasy, which were clearly ahead of their time. While their music is repped by NJ upstart label Good Eye Records and boasts a distinctive East Coast vibe, the band has quizzically called their debut LP Down on Sunset Strip. This odd choice could certainly be attributed to feeling pulled beyond their tight DIY circle, perhaps escaping the Tri-State area for the sunny skies of LA. Their cryptic lyrics leave little to no substantial evidence for this theory, but one cannot deny the deep sense of yearning emanating from their beautifully hazy tunes.

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