Los Campesinos! Explore Lives Left Behind on ‘The Fall of Home’ [Stream]

Los Campesinos! slow things down on their new single “The Fall of Home,” the latest offering from their upcoming album, Sick Scenes, and a meandering, melancholy tune that almost makes the band’s exclamation point seem out of place.

A bittersweet acoustic reflection, “The Fall of Home” dwells on the past and the feeling of not being able to call a place home, a fitting theme for the seven piece Welsh pop-punk band, which has swapped out members a few times throughout their decade of existence. As vocalist Gareth Campesinos! tells A.V. Club, “this is an elegy to the home towns left behind. It’s about the villages too stifling to ever allow you or itself to flourish.” Despite the song’s subdued subject matter and potential for straight-up sadness, the classic Los Campesinos! textured instrumentals and light harmonies give “The Fall of Home” an uplifting sheen.

Sick Scenes will be the band’s first album since 2013’s No Blues. It’s out February 24 on Wichita Recordings. Los Campesinos! are also currently on tour.

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