Los Angeles Police Department Weave Quite a Tale with ‘Insecurity’ [Video]

Bathroom pop pioneer Ryan Pollie proves his moniker is just that as he plays the forlorn heroine of his own Lifetime movie in the music video for Los Angeles Police Department’s “Insecurity”. A loose plot line: raging girlfriend repeatedly stabs presumably incompetent boyfriend with knife on bathroom floor, proceeds to drown him in a bloody bathtub, axes him in the living room a la Patrick Bateman, throws him out the window, runs him over with his car — all before his eventual crucification.

“She can be my insecurity/ I know that I can’t win/ She’ll probably let me in”, Pollie swoons and swells in reverb in the chorus, quoting, almost verbatim, the millennial boyfriend’s manic depressive inner monologue. Check out the video above!

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